International selling festival and meeting point of
contemporary Czech design scene.

designSUPERMARKET is an international festival of contemporary design founded in 2007. Its ambition is to create a continuous platform for exhibiting and selling original works in the field of product design, accessories, fashion, jewelry and graphic design by the currently best Czech and foreign young professionals and talented students.

designSUPERMARKET also represents an event with social overlap – its role is to serve as an informal meeting center of the designer personalities and the interested public. The event aims to present design to the general public with the most responsible approach and to promote the work of young artists through all possible ways.


“designSUPERMARKET creates its own micro world where broader public faces the design
and designers meets public in absolutely informal atmosphere. This is a social event,
the biggest pre-christmas celebration of Czech design.”

In the spirit of its own philosophy the festival cooperates with young personalities of Czech design community. The architectural form was created by Jakub Pollág and Václav Mlynář from deFORM studio in 2012. They created unique system of exhibition and coffee room furniture, exclusively for designSUPERMARKET. In the 2015, they have selected their successors, the young and progressive studio MUCK represented by Kristýna Fránková, Ondřej Červený a Romana Vyhnánková. Since 2013 Jan Kloss (zerwox.com) and Matěj Činčera (čtvrtek.net), members of creative group OKOLO stands behind visual style of the festival. Dramaturgical and curator team is represented by Darina Zavadilová the design theorist and creative and program director of the festival, Veronika Ruppert the journalist and fashion promoter (Modeschau, Radio Wave), Tereza Vernerová Volná the curator and founder of jewelry group UNOSTO and in the previous editions Adam Štěch the curator (OKOLO).


video: hlůže / valenta

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