German furniture in a different way.

The German expression Verschiebung means “shift”. We are interested in its meaning in a figurative sense. Today, furniture doesn’t need to limit itself to the classic sense of pieces of furniture like chair, table, or wardrobe. In the 21st century, necessities of life demand an innovative view of the function, material and visual aspects of items that surround us every day. The exhibition presents 10 design studies from Germany that shift the notion of furniture.

Concept: Darina Zavadilová, Kathrin Lang & njustudio
Architecture: Martin Žampach

Presented studios: Philipp Beisheim, Bao-Nghi Droste, Famos, Philip Käfer, Llot Llov, njustudio, Thomas Schnur, Studio Besau–Marguerre

TIP! A tour with the curators and exhibiting authors, Thursday 11 December at 6 pm

llot llov besau-merguerre_2 phillippbeisheim

Muslin Brothers

Fashion activists from Israel.

Founded in 2011, Muslin Brothers is formed by designers Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi. They live and work in Tel Aviv, the city of many cultures. Equally diverse are their inspirations for designing clothes. They perceive clothes as a statement about the difficult situation which surrounds them. Creations by Muslin Brothers are playful, ironic and unconventional. The brand’s name is a pun which refers to the fabric widely used in the Orient, as well as the infamous terrorist organization. Muslin Brothers’ clothes know no prejudice: you won’t find sizes or gender sorting. Men and women can wear dresses or trousers; loose cuts get completed by the user’s silhouette. Despite being one of the youngest Israeli fashion brands, Muslin Brothers has celebrated success abroad for its extravagance, freshness and conceptual approach. The brand is represented by a British multi-brand Not Just a Label and can be found in several concept stores in Japan and Berlin. Together with designing clothes and artistic performances, Muslin Brothers produces costumes for Israeli and European theater companies.

Concept: Muslin Brothers, Anit Nosková (

TIP! Muslin Brothers Workshop, Every day from 12 pm
TIP! Muslin Brothers Lecture, Saturday 13 December from 6 pm (Richtrův dům, Malé nám. 11, Prague 1 – New York University)


Dutch fashion talents in Prague for the first time.

FASHIONCLASH is an international platform for the new generation of designers based in Maastricht. Its aim is to connect developing talents of different art fields and cultures. At designSUPERMARKET, FASHIONCLASH presents itself through the works of five young designers: Joelle Boers, Ebby Port, Marsha Kessels, Chris van den Elzen and Judith van Vliet. The works of the young authors look at fashion in the broadest sense. They include fashion design, shoe design, textile production, jewellery and accessories. All five authors showed their works at FASHIONCLASH Festival in June 2014. They will present them for the first time in the Czech Republic at the sales exhibition at designSUPERMARKET. The invitation was also accepted by the FASHIONCLASH curators who are coming to Prague to scout Czech designers.

Curators: Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher, Nawie Kuiper (

FASHIONCLASH 2014 Marsha Kessels

Local Icons

Czech fashion industry expedition.

The aim of the project LOCAL ICONS is to support development of the local fashion industry and its interaction with contemporary design. The project selects timeless pieces of classical clothes made in Czech factories and initiates refreshment of their design.
New classical pieces and first LOCAL ICONS redesigns created in cooperation with LaFormela or Katarína Kral will have their premiere at designSUPERMARKET.

Concept: Veronika Ruppert, Katarina Kral

TIP! Fashion talk with Veronika Ruppert (Radio Wave, Local Icons) about the local fashion industry, following by a lecture about fashion trends by a special guest Jana Máchalová, Friday 12 December at 6 pm (Richtrův dům, Malé nám. 11, Prague 1 – New York University)

local.icons-03 local.icons-01 local.icons-02


Traditional textile technique performed by young designers.

The exhibition presents a record and practical outputs of a workshop focused on the traditional textile technique of blueprint. The workshop was organized by designSUPERMARKET in cooperation with a fashion designer and lecturer Alice Klouzková during a weekend in November in Strážnice, Southern Moravia. Arts students from different Czech schools could see a family run workshop with a hundred years old tradition, get to know an almost forgotten technique, and find out more about modern approaches to traditional handcrafts. For everyone the blueprint remained blue. Nevertheless, participants used its potential in their individual ways. The workshop formed part of a European project Roots of European design.

Concept: Alice Klouzková
Photography: Petra Holubová (

IMG_3032 IMG_2925

Roots of European design

Folklore, tradition and contemporary design.

Roots of European design is an international project which reveals influences of traditional art techniques and folklore in contemporary design. The project brings together young authors from seven European countries and asks about the significance of cultural identity in their work. It aims to confront the roots of European design with the realities of today’s everyday life.

Participating countries: Albania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia

RED_04_Zsofia_Lazar QMrHECOxcyenPxt1W3t9ay60WfaaNTVpHmTJNcBZEb0 Terka_06

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