The collection STOP IN A DREAM… A set of three pillows created in collaboration with the brand Jenom látky, which is concerned with the production of fabric in the Czech Republic and their retail. The connection is the love of textile and its artistic conception. Everyone will find their favorite! A bedtime fairy tale, a newly discovered species of moths and lichen, a picnic in the countryside with goldfish and swifts… This collection will be accompanied with a limited edition of prints and a newly created MT tape with a new design. May the DREAM be with you.

A. S. is primarily known as an award-winning illustrator. In her work she doesn’t set any limitations for herself and focuses on matters of the heart. It is her own originality and liveliness emphasis on manual labor in combination with clear graphics. She likes to alternate genres and combine illustrations and design with free art and other fields. She participated in numerous design displays, book fairs, exhibitions, over the last three years mainly in Japan. Her biggest inspiration is nature and landscape – the outer and inner, unconscious, the fantastic landscape of childhood.

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