At the designSUPERMARKET we would like to introduce a brand new Czech brand of socks, BE SOCKS (a total of 10-12 different designs). The concept of our brand is built on creating a minicollection (2-3 pairs of socks), each designed by another designer. Every year, we reach out to different personalities of design from various fields to create a new collection. The 2016 collection was designed by typographer Tomáš Brousil, graphic designer Petra Dočekalová, fashion designer Pavel Brejcha, architect Norbert Gágrik and textile designer Martina Novotná.

Designer sock brand BE SOCKS were founded in 2016 by two friends. Mgr. art. Martina Novotná – textile and clothing designer and since 2013 the founder and owner of textile workshop Strojovna on Krymská street, and Ing. arch. Norbert Gáfrik – architect and owner of architectural studio Visualarch. Both have worked in their fields for many years and have a lot of creative experience. The sock production is based in the Czech Republic in a company with a long tradition – now a family business.

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