At DSM 2016 I will present the 1st part of S-U-R-P-L-U-S womenswear collection which are mainly items naturally dyed in nude colors and soft yellows as well a small selection of handcrafted tops and scarves. S-U-R-P-L-U-S part 2 will also make an entrance in forms of new colors as well as new items.

After 8 years of working as a stylist/designer in fashion and film, I started my own label in 2015. S-U-R-P-L-U-S is a sustainable brand using fair fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, etc., that are naturally dyed with dried plants, a technique used until 1900. Every dyebath is different; therefore multiple tones will intermingle leaving a playful pallette. S-U-R-P-L-U-S will grow in time into a beautiful gallery of colours, clean and feminine silhouettes and other forms of art and is mostly there to provide visible and personal joy and awareness.

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