Wood Fain will present the existing two products – Vltava and Monolith, and in addition introduce a new jewelry box and jewelry stand. The Fain Wood team collaborated on both new products with designers – hipposdesign, Boris Klimek and Lenka Damová. Designers have sought inspiration elsewhere than in the shadows of the Šumava forests. The six month crystallization gave birth to sophisticated and unique designs that were after a long prototyping phase morphed into precise design products.

Fain Wood products were first introduced on last year’s designSUPERMARKET. At this event, they managed to reach out to the public, for which they won the Visitor’s choice award. It was a moment when the founders said that the changes were put to motion in the right direction. This year we would like to introduce new products to the visitors. All of which meet the Fain Wood motto “WE HIDE YOUR TREASURES” and the Fain Wood values – Czech design, Czech production, wood and Šumava. Are you interested in the whole story? Check out www.facebook.com/fainwood.cz

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