We would like to introduce a new project called \ ‘geoMETR\’. A collaboration of designers from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the fields of glass and textile art, two studios, which host each other. We are exhibiting a collection composed of a glass set (glasses for water and wine, a jug, vase or candlestick) and hand-woven tablecloths with accessories for dining. The same colors, but different structures. The collection will debut at the DSM.

With collaboration in our studios we find an interdisciplinary correlation, enrichment and joint work of different materials which create a coplex with a clear intention. Those collaborating are Kristýna Makrvartová – Krikri /glass/, Klára Spišková and Linda Kaplanová /textile/. Kristýna has won the Designblok 2011 Editor’s choice award and the Award for Excellent Student Design at the Czech National Award for Student Design in 2011. Linda was awarded 1st prize of the Finalistas Artes Plásticas e Design in Portugal and 2nd prize at the Heimtextil, Frankfurt in 2010.

linda.kaplanova.com / www.krikri.cz

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