Do all kids love colors? No. Drown-ups don’t play? No. Hugo has created a special black and white edition of toys called “Velký dítě” (Big Baby). It is perfect for parents who feel like little children. Imagine that you are walking through a field, with the snow licking your boots snow and here and there you can see a stone or a hole in the ground. Gliding through the white forest and sometimes you can see something black sparkling. And you just think ooooh… That’s what a Big Baby is. We build on cooperation with Směr and other suppliers. The presentation of the special edition will be accompanied by an existing range of products (Fatra, Kovap).

Hugo chodí bos is the only toy store that focuses exclusively on a selection of Czech origin (from beginning to the end of production). In addition to traditional brands (Kovap, Směr, Fatra, Detoa) we also offer toys and decorations from contemporary Czech designers and manufacturers. In October 2016 the brand celebrated its second birthday.

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