At this year’s designSUPERMARKET 2016, Ice Ice Baby will present a new Basic collection called Hey Sugar, on which it collaborated with illustrator and graphic artist Karolína Stryková. You can look forward to new colors, patterns and prints. At the same time, a new limited collection called Mooon will be presented. An elegant series with a more dreamy atmosphere for all the fairies and princes, this time mostly in organic quality of the used materials. Of course there will be new items for moms, accessories for babies and even something extra.

Ice Ice Baby, a well-known company among mothers, is a brand of children’s clothing and accessories that were created from the pure desire to create your own things – simple, funny, combinable and comfortable. Its creators, Andrea Beranová and Mária Čulenová, founded the brand after they themselves had children and found out what the situation on the children’s clothing market is. Today, after three years of existence, they regularly present two separate collections of clothes for children, a collection for adults and accessories for babies.

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