At the designSUPERMARKET 2016, designer MiMi Lan will present her Autumn / Winter collection 2016, with which she wants to refute prejudices and preserved unwritten rules that determine what each age category you can afford to wear or not. What suits our grandmothers can surely suit us and what suits us can also suit our grandmothers. The main thing is to have confidence that suits everyone.

MiMi Lan is a fashion designer with Vietnamese roots. In 2005, she designed her first comprehensive collection of women’s clothing. Two years later she founded her brand, La femme Mimi. The philosophy of the brand is highlighting the feminine beauty. At first glance, you can see a beautiful woman, and after that you will notice the exceptional clothes that she is wearing. Embroidery and elegant models are typical for her work, which she regularly presents in the Czech Republic but also abroad – in Amsterdam (2009), Vienna (2010), Linz (2012) and Shanghai (2014). Her models are worn for example by singer Tonya Graves, food blogger Kamila ‘Kamu’ Rundusová or Linda Rybová and Kateřina Winterová on the show Herbář on Czech Television.

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