A similar approach to creation and the love for nature (the love of nature shouldn’t be neglected) set Magdaléna Vojteková and Michal Strach on the same path to join forces and define the path towards the salvation of the world. For this DSM they created a collection reinterpreting the charming life at sea and under it. Lupus in fabula – the water empire presents a collection of products balancing their utility functions on the border between the toy and the artistic artifact.

Lupus in fabula is a newly profiling world of Michal Strach, it is the content of the concept of his thesis called Vnitřní prostor (inner space). What is it like? It should be an absurd composition of shapes and objects used just enough to occupy the mind. Surreal, so an observer can easily escape with a thought. But real enough to make the interaction between each of the objects illustrate their narrative function. It should be original, simple, colorful, and naturally based on the real world, both literally and figuratively.

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