Mária Kobelová will present her first collection called GEMSTONE. A series of presentation serving inventory was created for the World Culinary Olympics (IKA 2016 in Erfurt). The set was made for the National Team of Chefs and Confectioners of the Czech Republic with the theme of Charles IV. The collection is inspired by the shapes on the crown jewels – it bears the curves of specific gemstones, which are inlaid on the Saint Wenceslas Crown. A combination of porcelain and metal represents her jeweler’s handwriting.

Mária Kobelová comes from Slovakia and she is currently studying FDULS in Pilsen. Her field is metal, jewelry and porcelain design. She creates jewelry, products and objects on the edge between art and design. She is not afraid of depth, conceptual ideas or experiments with different materials and techniques. Sensitive to the world and life around them – stimuli individually processed and transformed so that it could speak in new contexts and to others.

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