HOODIEMONKS by MIM is an extended version of the current denim collection, which Michaela introduced at the September MBPFW and the WE’RE NEXT event. This collection is meant for retail. Jackets, coats and sweatshirts are conceptually linked, as well as the original collection, to the inspiration of rapping monks from Japan.

Michaela Čapková, a student from the studio of Liběna Rochová likes to focus her work on conceptually coherent, men’s and women’s clothing collections. Quality materials and craftsmanship is combined with the search for new technological approaches are very important for the author’s creative process. Her brand MIM founded in 2011, concentrates mainly on coats, overcoats, jackets and sweatshirts. MIM collections are mostly a free interpretation of the designer’s contemporary collection, in more wearable forms and materials in multiple variations. Photos by Tereza Ondrušková.

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