We are still and forever in captivity of activities associated with nature. We experience them firsthand and then put the finishing touches to our inner stories that take place with each season. It is a lifestyle and fascination with simplicity. Just a little can be enough. The entire collection revolves around natural elements and activities associated with them. Activities accompanied by water, wind, snow, nature, friends, skating, snowboarding and our lives, these are close to our hearts. Ride my heart

Mou is a creative project, producing paper and small textile products. We need to surround ourselves with beautiful things and we are happy when someone abounds with the same enthusiasm. Mou is formed by Veronika Zimčíková and Veronika Děrdová. Each of us has a different way of expression, but we agree when it comes to taste. One of us paints her illustrations using aniline dyes and the latter creates motifs using collages and photographs. All of our products pass through our hands, ever since the first design to the final production.

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