SOOLISTA will present a collection for 2017 called “Dekor”. Shirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets and coats in their original geometric style, made purely from natural materials (silk, cotton, wool and cashmere), all in muted black-blue-gray shades. The collection is based on the use of classic Czech lace as décor.

The Czech clothing brand SOOLISTA has emerged on the design scene in 2012. Its models will surprise you with an unusual cut, original design and attention to detail. Originally, the brand focused on the design of women’s and men’s shirts. The intention was to revive the uniform approach to this classic piece of clothing. Today, SOOLISTA brings a dose of fresh air into designs of dresses, jackets and coats. SOOLISTA worships fresh, minimalist style, which doesn’t lack femininity and elegance. The author of all pieces is an architect, Zuzana Hartlová.

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