Want news? We don’t have any. At least not in the sense that we would like to introduce something you’ve never seen before. We believe that the ideal volume of a bowl, the beauty of clear crystal glass or the ergonomics of a cup have all been verified many times. Before we make a designed product, we like to convince ourselves that it is more permanent than just for one season. We like to go back to things that were here before us; things you might know notoriously, things you too might believe are incredible. They are things, technologies of the crafts and cooperation with interesting people. There aren’t many new shapes added to our collection, but TABLO will still have a new winter mood – an old-new one!

TABLO is a publishing house of contemporary design based on collaborations between manufacturers, designers, retailers and customers. Too general? True, ever since 2013, when TABLO was founded, sometimes we ask ourselves: “What exactly are we doing?”
Iva: We don’t want to say that we are making tableware, glass and porcelain, even though those are the things we have in stock the most of. We are not defined by materials, but we are trying to understand them and make use of each craft, which correspond to the project.
Jiří: We also create a bridge where “do everything” would mean to be schizophrenic, whether for a designer, manufacturer, or a corporate customer.
Iva: TABLO is not only a brand of objects, it is also a cure for issues like “where, how many and for how much can we make this?”, “How do we get this to the customers (and again for how much)?”, And finally “How not to end up only at the grounded economic efficiency?”.

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