For this year’s DSM I have prepared a new collection called EFEMERNÍ (ephemeral), inspired by transience. It points out that quality is more important than quantity. Ephemeral and imperishable elements are combined with quality craftsmanship and sustainability. Clothes should evoke the naturalness of transience. Specific elements used in designing the collection are ephemeral ingredients that will sooner or later rub off when wearing and washing the clothes. These elements are sewn into the garments. Rice, which easily shifts in the pockets, or lavender that will give the piece a significant scent.

Terezie Cočevová is a fresh graduate of the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, studio of Fashion Design. Since last year, she presents her work under the brand TSOCHEVA, which is more focused on custom work and small limited collections. It mainly focuses on the details and structures of clothing.

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