The new collection works with layering, disrupting surfaces and seemingly random grouping of shapes. ZORYA discovers what is hidden in the essence of materials, and thus opens a space for imagination. Rigid stone is turned into soft fruits and rare pearls facets into crystalline shapes. The experimental approach in connection with perfect knowledge of the goldsmith craft is materialized into delicate and gentle jewelry.

Many years of cooperation between Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta has resulted in 2011 in the foundation of studio ZORYA. Unique jewelry made of precious metals, stainless steel, linen ropes, diamonds, pearls and cultivated crystals were exhibited in many places of the world and awarded the most prestigious Czech design award – Czech Grand Design. Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta are also interested in objects on the edge between is art and design and they develop associations with talented individuals from these areas.

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