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designSUPERMARKET will traditionally and exclusively present its own curated bookstore with hundreds of selected titles on design, architecture, art, graphic design, fashion and lifestyle, including a large section of children’s books.


In addition to these areas, we offer three new categories this year: Bibliophile, with books that are pieces of art themselves, they require gentle handling and can be a substitute for luxury jewelry. Then there is a category called Underground/Havel 80 on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Vaclav Havel, mapping his personal life, and also the theme of the Czechoslovak underground. And last but not least, a newly introduced category called Retro, because we believe that fashion and design returning in cycles is eternal. The most popular category of the designSUPERMARKET bookstore is traditionally the children’s book section. This year there are over 250 high-quality titles prepared for you.

With so many titles we have prepared a system that will help you navigate your way, tips from experts in their fields: Jiří Pelcl will guide you through design, Petr Babák through graphic design, architecture will be judged by young architects from the studio COLL COLL and David Böhm will bring you into the world of illustration and choosing a children’s book will be easier with Aňa Geislerová.
You can find the designSUPERMARKET book shop directly on the ground floor of the Kafka House, the entry is free for the whole duration of the festival!


Graphic design
Art theory
Fine art
Underground/Havel 80

Book recommendations:

Children – Aňa Geislerová
Ilustration – David Böhm
Design – Jiří Pelcl
Graphic design – Petr Babák
Architecture – studio COLL COLL
Art theory – Otto M. Urban
Photography – Robert V. Novák
Comics – Pavel Kořínek


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