Dear friends and supporters of Czech design: We have some bad news for you – the international festival of contemporary design designSUPERMARKET won’t be held this year.

It will be the first time after 10 years, when young designers will search their way to you in the pre-Christmas time on their own. We keep our fingers crossed that it works! This year, we will not occupy a big house in the centre of Prague to concentrate there dozens of the best and most original authors from the Czech scene, to fill it up with music, colors and creative energy, but also with rebellion and defiance to the kitsch and lushness of pre-Christmas shopping malls; we will not even bring any young talents from abroad.

The Christmas shopping 2017 will just have to go without designSUPERMARKET. But we believe that it won’t get any worse, also thanks a little bit to our festival and above all its designers, who have collectively contributed in the past 10 years to the fact that the Czechs are more thinking about what they are buying, from whom and why.

We take holidays for many reasons and we don’t deny that one of them is financial (the denial of support from the Municipality of Prague has surprised us). At the same time, we realize how fragile “Czech design” can be, especially when there is too much of it. After 10 years, a break is just needed, to stop and take a long think. We would like to thank you for your support so far. We appreciate all people who visited the festival, participated in it as exhibitors or collaborated in any way.

Happy summer,


designSUPERMARKET team



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