For ten years now, designSUPERMARKET has been supporting young Czech designers with its activities. Over the past decade, the festival has presented dozens of the now renowned Czech artists and labels to thepublic. Every year, just before Christmas we prepare a presentation of the most interesting that has happened in the world of the original Czech design in the past 12 months, and this year will not be an exception. The tenth edition will take place on December 8 to December 11 on the five floors of Kafka’s house, near the Old Town Square.

The festival will present ninety young designers and authorial projects from Czech republic and foreign guests, for example from Israel and Holland, all under one roof. Traditionally, we will also present a unique bookstore with a curatorial selection of the hottest new books from the world of art, design, architecture and also books for children that are not available elsewhere.


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From more the than 200 received entries, the festival’s curatorial team composed of Darina Zavadilová, Veronika Ruppert and Tereza Vernerová Volná, has chosen eight dozen designers and authorial projects. “designSUPERMARKET matures and ripens and along with it, the designers do too. It’s great to see where the brands that have been with us 10 years ago are now, as well as how they inspire and motivate current newcoming designers,” says Darina Zavadilová, creative director of the festival.

The jubilee edition of the festival will offer not only the centerpieces of the Czech design scene such as Zorya, Janja Prokić, LEEDA, SISTERSCONSPIRACY or Durch Duo, but also several new brands, names and projects to the public. Such as minimalist jewelry from an unusual material, stabilized wood, from the brand LESS}MORE of designers Markéta Šumová and Adéla Wiesenbergová. Two brands, ODIVI and Jakoby, will present their own lines of beauty products along their clothing collections. A fresh graduate of the Typography studio at the AAAD in Prague, Petra Dočekalová, will realize the very first signwriting stand at the designSUPERMARKET, where visitors will be able to order handwritten posters, signs or labels for presents. Illustrator Patrik Antczak will introduce a graphic project called Alfabeta, focused on motor skills. A brand new duo called MY DVĚ will introduce their galactic collection of wooden toys called Mimozem and Lupus in Fabula will present under water themed objects on the border between toys and artifacts. This year will also be the third time the festival will host the designSUPERMARKET Awards for the best products in each category.

Books you won’t find elsewhere

A unique bookstore offering visitors a curated selection of books and magazines, as well as new pre-Christmas book titles focused on art, design, fashion and architecture will also be a part of the festival this year. An important element of the bookstore is the children’s book section. “In this category, there is a great emphasis not only on the contents of children’s books, but also to the overall aesthetic value and graphic design,” bookstore curators Emma Hanzlíková and Zuzana Dvorská explain. The generously conceived café with a bar and bistro will provide a pleasant area to stop and rest. A reading room will be included.

Premiere of designer TA–PE–TY

The tenth annual designSUPERMARKET festival will also introduce a new project called TA–PE–TY, which wants to bring design into Czech interiors through designer wallpapers. The project was born in the creative factory INDUSTRA in Brno and designSUPERMARKET is its vocational partner. “Together with the project’s partners we will carefully select the winning designs of wallpapers from Czech and foreign designers that will be assembled into a retail collection and presented at this year’s jubilee designSUPERMARKET,” says Světlana Novotná, director of designSUPERMARKET festival.

designSUPERMARKET 2016 will take place on December 8 to December 11, 2016 in Kafka’s house, near the Old Town Square, Prague 1.

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