The designSUPERMARKET festival will for the first time take place also in the Slovak metropolis. Up to 40 Czech designers will be presented within the international project Visegrad Markets on September 27th and 28th in the amazing venue Stará Tržnica (The Old Market Hall) in Bratislava city centre.  The event will be part of Bratislava Design Week, so lots of design is gonna be expected everywhere.

Czech designers thus will have two opportunities in 2014 to present their work to a broad public under the heading of designSUPERMARKET. Except for the Bratislava weekend edition, the traditional Advent designSUPERMARKET is ahead of us. This year already 8th edition will be held on December 11 – 14 in the the historical house U Minuty by the Old Town Square, Prague.


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