Besides the selling presentations of almost 100 Czech designers you can be looking forward to a number of exhibition projects presenting some great world designers!

We asked the creative group OKOLO to prepare specially for designSUPERMARKET an exhibition of contemporary Norwegian design. The result is the project Nature of Norwegian Design. Works by front Norwegian designers such as Kristine Bjaadal, Petter Skogstad, Kristine Five Melvær, Permafrost, Andreas Engesvik, Beller
and Andersen-Voll will be introduced in a unique light and sound installation. Some exhibits will be on sale.


Words by the curator Adam Štěch:

Ever since the beginning of the history of Scandinavian design, northern designers had a natural sensibility, deep inside their artistic ideas. The landscape and its symbolics have always played a crucial role in northern art, design and architecture. The magical nature, from which man gets its life energy, the feeling of calm and the psychical and philosophical balance, is still important for Scandinavian designers today. And especially for the present generation of young Norwegian designers, who were able to push Norwegian design way ahead and emphasize it on the world map of contemporary design with their creations.

The exhibition project Nature of Norwegian Design presents eight contemporary Norwegian designers or studios, that have returned to the imaginary power of nature and its poetic. And often very literally. A selection of several smaller interior products and accessories derive from the abstraction of Norwegian nature. The designers have materialized it in a naturist modest way, and
the specific natural motifs that depict objects bringing natural symbols, its processes and live organisms that inhabit them. The result is an artificial Norwegian landscape, consisting of mushrooms, birds, animals, plants, or fragments of a landscape. We present contemporary Norwegian design as a poetic interpretation of the rough northern wilderness in a humanistic, soft, user-friendly and story-telling subjects.


Nature of Norwegian Design

Kafkův dům, Nám. Franze Kafky 3, Praha 1
December 4 – 8, 2013

Curator: Adam Štěch
Graphic design, installation design: Jan Kloss, Matěj Činčera


The exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Prague.


Permafrost_Shipping setKristine Bjaadal_Keepsake Petter Skogstad_Dodo Kristine Five Melvær_Seasons vaseKristine Five Melvær_obelix vasePetter Skogstad_Tue




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