REDESIGN at Budapest Design Week


Here we come with a little preview of our new project, on which you can look forward in the occassion of the traditional designSUPERMARKET in December. Its name is REDESIGN and its starting version will be on display within Budapest Design Week since 29/9 to 6/10 2013 in the shop window of MONO fashion, Kossuth Lajos street 20 in the very centre of Budapest. Our mini opening with OKOLO pivo starts on Saturday 28/9 at 3 pm!


The concept is very basic: First we asked our favorite designers to pick their favorite product. Then we chose a particular color, red! The designers were asked to create the redesign of their favorite product in red and it’s only up to them how much and in what manner they involve it in their designs. And REDESIGN was born! How else should we react to this crazy world, in which the color trends are determined by economists years in advance?

REDESIGN at Budapest Design Week presents works by selected Czech designers and one Hungarian guest in unique red limited editions – Martin Žampach, jásám, deFORM, OKOLO, Eva Růžičková, Soap., ODIVI, Leeda, Tomáš Bém, Najs., Pedal Project, Blueberries a Vanda Berecz. It is a preview of a more extensive international exhibition, which will be presented from 4th to 8th December in Prague as a part of the seventh annual international festival of contemporary design, designSUPERMARKET. 

The project is prepared by DESIGNEAST, an online blog dedicated to design in the countries of the former Eastern Block and the team of designSUPERMARKET. It is supportec by Czech Centre Budapest.



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