The official jingle of designSUPERMARKET’12!


Introducing the official jingle of this year’s festival designSUPERMARKET! To be seen in Czech Television.

The new visual identity designed by Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss has called for “setting in motion”. We listened to the call, and this is the result. Music composed specifically for designSUPERMARKET by Lukáš Turza aka Juanita Juarez.

Thank you to all who participated in the creation of the jingle!



GRAPHIC DESIGN / Matěj Činčera / ctvrtek.net / Jan Kloss / zerwox.com & Tomáš Procházka / tomasprochazka.name
MOTION DESIGN / Kryštof Pacourek / krystof.pacourek@gmail.com
SOUND / Lukáš Turza / licensing@lukasturza.com / lukasturza.com /
facebook.com/juarezjuanita / facebook.com/brooklyndnb
POSTPRODUCTION / Silencio / silencio.cz

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