Studio deFORM we had co-operated with in the past definitely moved to London. They’ve selected studio MUCK  and handed over the DSM architectural part to them.

We would like to shortly introduce the architects of studio MUCK. Three graduates of the Furniture and interior design atelier of UMPRUM – Romana Vyhnánková, Ondřej Červený, Kristýna Fránková.

Three personalities, three points of view, three opinions. Character of their creation is influenced by this explosive combination, tension and constant confrontation. Themes of everyday life and playful paradoxes are topics they like to work with. If you want to see what they have done, go for example to renowned Bistro 8 on Letná in Prague 7 or to bistro with Canadian specialities called Garage in Křižíková street in Prague’s Karlín. They have co-operated with non-profit society called Top responsible company (since 2013) – responsible for the installation of the Gala and the price declaration ceremony. They have been nominated for the Chief editors price of Designblok 2015 in the Best new furniture category. In the present they are focused on the realization of private interiors, mainly.

Young, original, creative … this is MUCK and we are happy to have them in our team!


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