Within this year’s designSUPERMARKET you can be also looking forward to the exhibition of Polish studio  Kosmos Project.
The studio was selected for us by the curator Agnieszka Jacobson.

Kosmos Project is a design studio set up by Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski. Their philosophy and inspiration comes from observa-
tion of relationship between the civilized and the wild. Designers believe that this two separate worlds can coexists harmoniously.
They strongly believe that modern design needs to focus on human spirituality. Cosmos is the opposite of chaos for them.  


Within designSUPERMARKETU they will present their project COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS – NOC KUPALY.
Kupala Night was the Pagan Slavic feast of fire and water connected to summer solstice. It was also the feast of love, fertility, sun and moon. Celebrated on the shortest night in the year 21-22 of June. That night, meadows and glades shone from burned bonfires.
Girls would float wreaths of magic herbs lit with torch on rivers in the hope that their beloved will capture it. Then they used to jump
in pairs over the flames of bonfires with wormwood tied around their bodies to gain a good luck for the next year. This all inspired
Kosmos Project to create this collection of interior accessories and furniture.

Kosmos Project will present themselves at designSUPERMARKET with a small exhibition and short talk.



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