The exhibition presents objects by Czech and foreign desiners made exclusively for designSUPERMARKET in limited editions.
We asked our favorite designers to pick their favorite product. Then we chose a particular color, red! The task for the designers
was to create the redesign of their favorite product in red. What a challenge! And it’s only up to them how much and in what
manner they involve it in their designs. And REDESIGN was born. How else should we answer to this crazy world, in which
the color trends are determined by economists years in advance?! Our trend is red!

Installation: Katka Margoldová, Martin Žampach

Lecture Modeschau COLOURS talk: Saturday 7. 12. at 20:00
REDESIGN shopping: Sunday 8. 12. from 10:00 to 19:00

The exhibition project is prepared by designSUPERMARKET and designeast.


The exhibition project presents seven contemporary Norwegian designers or studios that have returned to the imaginary power
of nature and its poetic. And often very literally. A selection of several smaller interior products and accessories derives from
the abstraction of Norwegian nature. The designers have materialised it in a natu- ralistic modest way, and the specific natural
motifs that depict objects bringing natural symbols, its processes and live organisms that inhabit them. The result is an artificial
Norwegian landscape, consisting of mush- rooms, birds, animals, plants, or fragments of a landscape. We present contemporary
Norwegian design as a poetic interpretation of the rough northern wilderness in a huma- nistic, soft, user-friendly and story-telling subjects.

Presented designers:
Kristine Bjaadal, Petter Skogstad, Kristine Five Melvær, Permafrost, Andreas Engesvik, Beller, Andersen-Voll

Curator: Adam Štěch
Installation: OKOLO + cooperation Tomáš Procházka, Ondřej Báchor
Graphic design: Jan Kloss, Matěj Činčera

Exhibition opening: Thursday 5. 12. at 19:30
Lecture Permafrost and Petter Skogstad: Thursday 5. 12. at 20:00

The exhibition is prepared by the creative group OKOLO for designSUPERMARKET.


The exhibition of contemporary jewelry design presents the work of front Czech jewelers from the UNOSTO group in confrontation
with selected Dutch authors. Katja Prins, Malou Paul, Nina Sajet, Uli Rapp, Alena Hesounová, Dechberoucí, Kateřina Řezáčová,
Lucie Houdková, Markéta Richterová, Martin Verner

Curator: Tereza Volná
Installation: Zbyněk Krulich
Graphic design: Jan Kloss

Exhibition opening: Wednesday 4. 12. at 19:00

The exhibition is prepared by the group UNOSTO for designSUPERMARKET.


njustudio from Coburg, Germany displays its assortment of thoughts and ideas. The njustudio collective develops, produces and
distributes furniture, accessories and objects. Their products meet the need for more than bare function, they provide answers
to questions of postmodern life and create links to the individual experiences and memories of people.

Lecture njustudio: Friday 6. 12. at 20:00


The exhibition of Polish studio Kosmos Project of Eva Brochen and Maciej Jelski introduces the project Collective Unconscious –
Noc Kupaly, a collection of interior accessories and furniture inspired by the old Pagan feast of fire and water connected to summer solstice.

Lecture Agnieszka Jacobson and Kosmos Project: Saturday 7. 12. at 15:00


The exhibition documents an expedition of three young artists from Prague who undertook this August a voyage across Island
on their fixed gear bikes. The exhibition aims to convey their experience, broaden the traveller’s horizons and, primarily, show
the unforgiving, yet stunning Icelandic countryside from the perspective of a bike with only one gear. The exhibition also points
to the tradition of the 1930s when one gear bikes were used in the terrain. Today, however, the fixed gear bikes are mainly
urban and track racing phenomena.

Expedition participants: Kryštof Hlůže, Kryštof Melka, Jakub Voverka / 2/4 Hyena bike lab
Photo and installation: Kryštof Hlůže
Production: Natalie Krausová
Graphic design: studio Dip

Exhibition opening: Thursday 5. 12. at 18:00
Premiere screening of the video from the expedition Fix the Iceland: Friday 6. 12. at 21:00 (Pedal Project Party)


Exhibition of contemporary illustrators posters under the name of studio DRAWetc. Print quality 44print. Posters for sale.

Berjo, Jan Gruml, Přemek Ponáhlý, Vlado, Vladimír Strejček.


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