We are in the final lap!


We install, coat, hang, polish, even mix concrete! We are finishing all the preparations, it will be spectacular and memorable. designSUPERMARKET opens its doors on Thursday!

You can discover with us all the stuff you wont find at one place anywhere in Prague until Sunday. In addition to selecting the best Czech designers we have also authors from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Denmark or England. In five sections of our supermarket you will find fashion, jewelry, accessories, notebooks, diaries, illustrations, vases, bowls, lighting, fresh food and gourmet delights and much more. For the youngest visitors we have prepared an incredible playground to enjoy themselves (but you adults can join them too :). For those who do not like to shop, there is Designkino ready, discussions with world design icons and after hours parties in the 7th floor of the House of Black Swan (Černá labuť).

We look forward to seeing you!

Darina, Martin, Natalka, Pavla, Tereza, Martin, Dan, David, Lenka, Kristýna, Klára, Vojta, Kuba, Véna, Honza, Matěj, Kuba, Sára, Kamila, Ema, Tereza, Sára, Hanka, Peťa, Peťa, Jovanka and many more…


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