Alžběta will present a collection of handbags ONE for the first time. The key element of the work is one piece of leather, which is overlapped, folded and bonded to create a handbag or clutch of simple design with a minimum number of stitched surfaces. Veronika’s collection called New life connects different materials such as wood and metal in an untypical manner. It focuses primarily on jewelry and objects that when combined create a single image of a dreamy hill landscape filled with plants.

Atelier K.O.V. has created a background for two different approaches to designer jewelry and fashion. Alžběta and Veronika’s common theme is the desire to introduce their small batch collection to the public. The presentation creates a meeting space for the authors and their customers, where the main objective is to gather important feedback for further work. Duo AV… combines the constant search for boundaries between wearability, functionality, traditional craft and distinctive aesthetic expression.

www.alzbetadvorakova.cz / www.veronikawatzkova.com

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