During DSM, For Those Who Pray will introduce pieces from “Coal Miner’s Daughter”,our latest collection, alongside our new bag collection. The collections are built to fit sustainable, slow fashion standards by using byproducts of the fashion industry. The handpicked pieces of leather create the right combination of textures and shades of black scheme for every piece. ftwp objects handmade in limited editions, when each piece is one of a kind and slightly differs from one another.

For Those Who Pray is a Tel Aviv-based niche brand for fashion accessories, all handcrafted in black leather. ftwp\’s collection is dictated by matter and void and can be described as an \’Anti-Bling\’ alternative to jewelry as we know it. We seek to fulfill the desire for contemporary design while leaning on timeless aesthetics and by combining elements and materials from various cultural environments. ftwp does not use any new leather sheets but the odds and ends of pre-used leather pieces.

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