For this year’s designSUPERMARKET, HANA FRISONSOVA joined KRAS and together they created a special limited collection. You can look forward to unisex tops, sweatshirts, shirts and practical backpacks in a monochrome range of colors, with shiny details. As a surprise for the visitors, they have prepared art prints based on their shared experiences.

Hana Frišonsová is characterized by striking silhouettes, experimenting with handmade techniques and sci-fi inspiration. She presents her projects regularly at the Dutch FASHIONCLASH FESTIVAL, in Vienna she was awarded the prize for fashion during the Austria Fashion Awards 2011 ceremony. Helena Krásová and her brand KRAS creates limited series of urban backpacks. These are typical with their minimalist design, simplicity and practicality and they are distinctive by the choice of vegan leathers and designer prints. /

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